About us

Promoting college recruitment.

March for College, Inc.℠ is a solely funded organization. Providing high school students and parents with direct access to various colleges, in order to heighten college interest.  Prospective college students can learn what steps to take to get into college, talk to admission officers and even apply to colleges on the spot at our annual March for College Recruitment Fair and Band Exhibition events!

Along with assisting prospective college students with vital information, March for College, Inc.℠ encourages musicians to attend college by connecting them with university band directors and music departments, audition information, summer band camp… We proudly assist university marching bands in their annual recruitment effort. March for College, Inc. ℠ targets thousands of high school students in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and surrounding states to attend our annual College Recruitment Fair and Band Exhibition event.



Born and raised in the Washington, DC area. Adrienne’s love for music started the day she was born. She grew up watching her father teach music in DC public schools, listen to him play jazz at home and playing in bands around town. She once played the tambourines with them on stage at about eight years old.  Adrienne began playing the violin and soon found her favorite instrument, the flute! She Studied music at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in D.C. While attending Norfolk State University, she performed in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble as first chair flute and as a dancer in the Marching Spartan Legion Band. Both under the direction of Emory L. Fears.

A talent was nurtured and a genuine interest to help our high school students and musicians seek higher education.  Adrienne started March for College, Inc.℠ because she wanted prospective college students to gain important information on what’s needed to apply to college,  how to find financing and to meet with admissions staff from different colleges at the annual College Recruitment Fair and Band Exposition.

Adrienne is passionate about March for College, Inc.℠. She once said, “We have all been told to find something that you are passionate about and this is it for me!” She has been diligently working hard to breathe life into March for College, Inc.℠ and enjoys every second of it.

You might be surprised to know, Adrienne has worked as an On-Air Personality for TOUCH 96.1 in Norfolk, VA and 1580 WPGC-AM in Maryland (Morning Show Producer/On air personality/creator of Go-Go FLAVA Hour prior to the half hour go-go now on two D.C. stations/ Teen Speak-Out Host & Producer.) She also loved working in sales at WHUR, as a Marketing Director and Publicist for Howard University Press, freelancing for HBO and is currently a Realtor.

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